Annelie Whitfield is a Naturopath, Herbalist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Naturopaths looks at the root of disease and imbalances and use he...View Details

Strongher is a women's only gym, an inclusive place that discards the stereotype of what gym's are and creates its own definition of the word. Where A...View Details

Sally is a retired boxer, now coach and founder of Impact Sports Academy in Cairo in Egypt.  She trains both men and women, but has been focusing on b...View Details

Dr Jade Teta is a personal trainer and naturopath, specialising in integrative endocrinology, and works primarily with women. To find out what this ac...View Details

Domestic Violence has risen across the world this year as a consequence of COVID and the impact it has had on families and communities. Financial inse...View Details

For this episode we had the wonderful Nekoda Davis as our guest. As a professional Judo athlete Nekoda is a fascinating woman to speak to, competing a...View Details

We know women have a different physiology to men, we've heard that we need to adapt our training to suit us better, but what and how and when? What ar...View Details

What's the point? Why bother? Let Emily explain... Check out our other episodes and please subscribe, comment ...View Details

Promotions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu generally seem to undervalue female fighters, paying them less and providing them with less opportunity to showcase ...View Details

What do I do if I get pregnant? How am I supposed to train safely and what is the best approach? Grace Anderson teaches us what it means to be pregnan...View Details

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